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i paid for download is it sent in by mail or download

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We just purchased 7 items, we haven't received a link for a download or any communication from this company in 3 days, how did you get your download? There is no phone support which is discouraging. Wishing I would have checked into this company more but my partner made the purchase,

I have had this occur with a few purchases in the past and Kim was on it within hours. 

I just had it happen again with a new purchase yesterday, my problem I believe is paying by Paypal with a email that is different from the one I sign in with on EASYdigitals.

I am hoping for the same quick resolution as I have had in the past.

Hey everyone keep your heads up. Yesterday 4.29.15 I purchased 4 packages paid with card and received by downloads to my email in less then 10mins. It may be with your bank or if your paying pay pal. The only thing that I was discouraged about was not getting the sports clip arts in my package I got all the shapes I'm not sure why but I reported it to Kim this morning to say what she could do to help me hopefully I get a quick response and if I do I'll let you folks know. Mahalo

i am not receiving download link 

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I haven't been able to download the stadium mirage I paid the $29.00, and haven't received anything yet.  I use Google Chrome as my browser, if that makes a difference.

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did not receive the link

I too purchased several items and did not get the link she talks about in the video or by email. Did others ever get this fixed in a timely manner? I need these for an edit. Did anyone else get a refund? How does that work?

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