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How to change color of several layers at the same time, is it possible?

I have several Photoshop collage templates that have several layers with colored borders, using a gradient fill.  I customize each collage to match the athletes jersey color and I have to go into each layer and paste in the RGB value to the gradient fill - there are some that I can just copy-n-paste the layer style, but not all of them.

I was wondering if Photoshop has some kind of global find-n-replace or programmatic way of changing a color values in several layers/filters at the same time?

Here are some samples of the collage borders I am referring to:

Each boarder had a gradient fill so I have to into each and drill down to the gradient fill and change the color (RGB value) for each layer - it only takes a minute, but it's just a pain if I decide I want to tweak it again.

Hi Scott,
You can drag just one style at a time which might save you a little bit of time. Let me know if you want to know more about how to do that.


Thanks for the reply Kim - the drag of one style worked but I had to hold the ALT key when doing it or else it actually moved the style instead of copying.

Here's a tip about individual letter kerning (maybe you already know), hold down the ALT and SHIFT with the cursor between two letters and press the left-arrow key to make then closer or the right-arrow key to make them further apart.

Thanks again for the quick reply and all the templates that you and your team put together with all the samples - it's very help to my business and creativity!



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Great tip Scott. Thanks!


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