Where I can have custom trading cards printed?

Can I print my own cards at my home or office?


I don't recommend that you print the cards yourself because of the issues with lining up the front and back when using your own printer.

Many companies use Roes software to print trading cards. Below is a video on how to print with Roes and below the video are print labs that use Roes.

Labs that use Roes:

These are print labs that customers have used and recommend:

One Customer suggested the following for printing your own cards:

I have created my own card and have automated PS to use both scripts and actions to ask for name,and player info. I flatten the image and place it two up on a 4x6. Have it printed locally, then I purchased a wallet cutter. First I glue the front and back to a sheet of paper using a glue designed to glue photos but the sheet of paper is the clue. Once glued and dried, I cut them with the wallet cutter. Wallet cutter came from a company in CA that told me it was strong enough. Had to take t to local welding shop to make it strong enough.

Please help us. If you know of a printer that will print custom cards or of a special paper, submit a ticket. Thanks!