Where can I have custom Tickets printed?

Can I print my own tickets at my home or office?


You can print the tickets yourself since they are only one sided. See suggestions below for printing yourself. Or you can use the following resources to have them printed at a print lab.

Many companies use Roes software to print tickets. Below is a video on how to print Trading Cards with Roes and below the video are print labs that use Roes. To print Tickets you would do it the same way with a few different selections. See the images below for more info on the selections.

This is how it will look in ROES

This is how it will look in ROES

Labs that use Roes:

Another option to look for when selecting a print lab for Tickets is a lab that prints Bookmarks. A lot of Bookmarks come in the same size as the tickets which is 2x8 inches. The following companies print Bookmarks.

One Customer suggested the following for printing your own cards:

I have tickets printed on a 80lb-100lb gloss cardstock to give them the feel of a real ticket vs doing them on photo papers. I generally make the ticket then bring them into a document in InDesign and lay them out based on how many are ordered and then export the file as a pdf and take it to office max to have it printed. I bring my own card stock and get it printed for $0.49 a sheet if it's single sided. Then just cut them out and done.

Please help us. If you know of a printer that will print custom tickets, submit a ticket. Thanks!